Borneholm Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation

'Paws for a second thought. Give a second chance'

Welcome to BDRR

Borneholm Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation (BDRR) is family run. In October 2011 we realised that there were dogs in pounds that were dying needlessly – just because they needed time or money. A flea allergy can affect the look of a dog so much that a home may never come. A good flea treatment, a few baths, and time can put that dog back on its feet. However, in the busy pound, these small things are but a pipe dream.

The first idea was simply this… register as a charity to get access to the dogs in council kennels. Take one really ill dog at a time. Rehome. Get another and so on. Specifically helping those dogs that spend weeks in kennels and are constantly walked past. Those that are in serious need of medicating daily. Those that have been so badly abused that they need round the clock care ensuring they have the best chance of a full recovery. And, most of all, those that are older. The ones put out on the street to make room for the new puppy. This happens ALL THE TIME.

There would be NO outside kennels. The rescue would run from our own home where there is ample land for them to exercise. The house backs on to a nature reserve covering acres and acres of public walkways and fields. They would join the family home along with the other dogs. It had to be different. These rescue dogs needed a full profile. Can they go with other dogs/cats/children/male/females etc? They walk together, feed together and even go on holiday together!

The first job was to approach kennels to see if they would work with this new rescue. After visiting two kennels one Saturday morning back in October 2011 within 40 minutes we left with our first dog. In order for you to get Marley’s full story please read here -


And so Borneholm Dog Rescue was launched. Limited space means helping the dogs most in need is paramount. However there may be space for ANY dog here at BDRR. We will try our hardest to help in an hour of need.

The nature of this rescue means that nearly 92% of dogs that come in need serious medical attention. This is costly. For the first 12 months it was funded, primarily, by Mandy. Now it is self-funding.

We hope that your perfect companion is here.